Perham-Shaped Worship: Symposium Sessions

‘Praying and Practising the Liturgy: Inhabiting the Eucharist’ with Tom Clammer

Tom was made Deacon by Bishop Michael Perham in 2005, and much of the diaconal year in the diocese of Gloucester was spent in preparation for the various responsibilities and blessings of priesthood. Bishop Michael took the formation of his deacons very seriously, and in this session Tom reflects on the way in which his ordaining Bishop sort to form and resource his deacons for their priestly ministry. He will reflect in particular or upon Bishop Michael’s spiritual and liturgical devotion to the Eucharist, and how he imparted that to his clergy.

‘Inclusive Worship: Women and Children in Liturgy’ with Sandra Millar

Session description to follow.

‘The Extra-ordinarization of the Mundane: Encounters Between Liturgy and Leadership’ with Tim Harle

This paper is inspired by Michael Perham’s passion to present liturgy not as an esoteric discipline, but as something that is vital in everyday parochial life. It takes its title from a paper by two Scandinavian critical management scholars, Alvesson and Sveningsson, who argue that the much-vaunted concept of leadership should really be understood as making mundane things extraordinary. I will explore, perhaps unacknowledged, parallels between liturgy and leadership studies. Examples include transactional and transformational leadership, the relationship between individual and corporate activities, the roles of culture and space, and pedagogy and credal statements.

‘Liturgy in Flux: New Anglican Voices’ with Mary Gray-Reeves

Bishop Michael loved liturgy. He loved to create, preside and participate in it. More though, he loved for people to have an experience of liturgy that helped them draw closer to God. This video contribution to the Michael Perham Symposium will explore with other leaders of emerging communities the principles of Anglican worship that have held true for hundreds of years and continue to have the capacity to be healing community and spiritual home for all sorts and conditions of people. A conversation reflecting discernment and discovery of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ we are church today, places where people are helped to draw close to God, will be at the heart of this contribution.

Concluding Reflections on the Symposium with David Hoyle

David will offer concluding reflections on the Symposium.

Grasping the Heel of Heaven: Liturgy, Leadership and Ministry in Today’s Church (Norwich: Canterbury Press, 2017)

Conversation with authors of the book that honours the legacy of Michael Perham to the church.