Postgraduate Programmes

Sarum College offers four postgraduate programmes validated by the University of Winchester.

At Sarum College students learn collaboratively in small groups. These meet for residential intensives throughout the year. The MA course structure which combines classroom and home-based study means students benefit from close contact with tutors and lecturers, with minimal disruption to domestic, ministerial, or professional responsibilities.

“The MA process was hugely stimulating for me, but it was the people and environment that made the student experience so uniquely beneficial. I sing the praises of Sarum everywhere I go; I am so proud to have spent three years studying there.”

Ian Yemm, MA graduate

The normal requirement for postgraduate studies is a good first degree in a related subject. However students aged over 21 with other relevant experience and/or training may be admitted subject to interview.

For all postgraduate enquiries please contact Alex Weir, MA Administrator on 01722 424827 or email

Auditing MA Modules

All postgraduate course modules are open to everyone, so you may enrol on any MA module as an “auditor” without registering for an accredited programme such as the full MA. An auditor participates in a module in exactly the same way as students on the MA, but does not prepare an essay at the end of it.

For more information and Q&As, see our auditing modules page.

Research Degrees

Sarum collaborates with our validating partner, the University of Winchester, to supervise research degrees. A list of current postgraduate research students is available on the University of Winchester website.

Along with the more traditional research route of MPhil/PhD the Doctor of Theology and Practice (DTh) at Winchester provides a structured route for doctoral study based in the student’s own context of ministry or professional practice. It is designed both for people in various kinds of Christian ministry or leadership and for those in other professions who wish to undertake doctoral work connecting theology and religion with their own professional fields.

Postgraduate Study Taster Days

240 Sarum College 25thFeb14The best way to decide whether a study programme is right for you is to experience it first-hand. Our taster days provide an ideal opportunity to sample teaching sessions from each of our programmes, have informal discussions with programme leaders and tutors, and in general get a sense about what learning at Sarum College is all about.

Visit our Taster Days page for further details, and how you can book your place.

Application Pack

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Academic Regulations for Taught Programmes

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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Policy

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Programme Descriptors

PDFXsmallMA Christian Approaches to Leadership

PDFXsmallMA Christian Liturgy

PDFXsmallMA Christian Spirituality

PDFXsmallMA Theology, Imagination and Culture

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Certificate in Christian Approaches to Leadership

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Certificate in Christian Liturgy

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Certificate in Christian Spirituality

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Certificate in Theology, Imagination and Culture

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Diploma in Christian Approaches to Leadership

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Diploma in Christian Liturgy

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Diploma in Christian Spirituality

PDFXsmallPostgraduate Diploma in Theology, Imagination and Culture