Visualising the Divine

  • Date & Time: Thursday, 11 Apr 2013, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Series of four Thursday evening art lectures
11, 18, 25 April and 2 May, 7pm to 9pm

Thursday 11 April
Visualising the Divine: Immanent, Transcendent, Absent
 with Rowena Loverance

Thursday 18 April
Visualising the Divine in Contemporary Art: Explorations of Christian Art in a Post-Modern World with Sophie Hacker

Thursday 25 April
Visualisations of the Divine in Painting and Sculpture with Dori Rockefeller

Thursday 2 May
Visualising the Divine at the Movies: a Look at 20th and 21st Century Film with Colin Greene

£30 for the series, £8 per lecture
Price includes refreshments

Contact Alison Ogden for booking enquiries. | 01722 424826

Course Details:

  • Date & Time: Thursday, 11 Apr 2013, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Tutors:
  • Tutor: Colin Greene

    • Colin Greene is programme leader for Theology, Imagination and Culture at Sarum College and priest in charge of St Gregory's parish church, Marnhull, Dorset as well as visiting scholar in Theology, Bible and Culture at St John’s College Durham. His theological interests and expertise range widely from modern theology and biblical hermeneutics to the intersection between theology and contemporary culture.

  • Tutor: Dori Rockefeller

    • Dori Rockefeller holds a BA in Religion & Philosophy and in English Literature, an M.A. from Columbia University in New York City, and an M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in New York. She has taught previously at the State University of New York and at Middlebury College in Vermont. She is visiting scholar at Sarum College where she continues her research and teaches courses on art and religion.

  • Tutor: Rowena Loverance

    • Rowena Loverance worked for over 20 years at the British Museum where she was head of e-learning and has excavated in Greece and Cyprus. She is a visiting research fellow at King’s College, London and a trustee of Culture 24, the UK’s principal online cultural publisher. She edited the Bulletin of Byzantine Studies and is author of Byzantium and of Christian Art, a global account of contemporary cultural themes. She was co-president of Churches Together in England (1998-2002).

  • Tutor: Sophie Hacker

    • Sophie Hacker studied painting at UCL (Slade). Current projects include Winchester: Chronicles of Light (creative producer), sculpture, ecclesiastical stained glass, church re-ordering and designs for altars, frontals and furniture. She teaches fine art to MA level, and lectures on art and spirituality.  She is arts and exhibitions consultant to Winchester Cathedral and a trustee of ACE (Art and Christian Enquiry).