Full-text Electronic Journals in Religion

(free access unless otherwise stated)

American Journal of Biblical Theology
Andrews University Seminary Studies 1963-
Annual Holocaust Conference Papers 1996-
Antithesis 1990-
Anvil 1984-
Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies 1998-

Baptist Quarterly 1922 – 1973
Bible Translator 1950-
Biblica 1990-
Bulletin for Old Testament Studies in Africa (BOTSA) 1996-
Bulletin of the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries 1974-

Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology 1996-2012
Church Planting Initiatives by Baptists (BACUP Papers) 1990-
The Churchman 1879-
CrossCurrents (selected feature articles available)
Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research 1997-

Denver Journal 1998-
Diskus 1993-
Downside Review 1880-

Esoterica: the Journal of Esoteric Studies
Evangelical Quarterly 1988 – 2008 (selected articles)

First Things: the journal of religion and public life 1992-
Foundations : an International Journal of Evangelical Theology 1978-

Grace Journal 1960 – 1973

Indian Journal of Theology 1957 – 1970
Internet Journal of Religion

J_Spot Journal of Social and Political Thought
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1974-
Journal for Baptist Theology and Mission 2003-2011
Journal for Christian Theological Research 1996-
Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 1999-
Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament 2012-
Journal of Biblical Studies 2001-
Journal of Buddhist Ethics 1994-
Journal of Global Buddhism 2000-
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 1996-
Journal of Millennial Studies 1998-
Journal of Religion and Film 1997-
Journal of Religion and Popular Culture 2002-
Journal of Religion and Society 1999-
Journal of Theological Studies old series Vols, 1-10 (1899-1909)(public domain articles)

Mainstream (Baptists for Life and Growth) 1979-2001
Marburg Journal of Religion 1996-
Master’s Seminary Journal 1990-
McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry 1998- (Table of Contents)
Melanesian Journal of Theology 1985-
Mother Pelican : a journal of sustainable human development 2005-
Musical Quarterly 1915-

Newsletter of the Association of Contemporary Church Historians 1995- Web Magazine
The North Star: a journal of African-American Religious History 1997-

Pastoral Music 1976-
Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 1879-

Quaker Theology 1999-
Quodlibet: journal of Christian Theology and Philosophy 1999- Web Magazine

Religiologiques: sciences humaines et religion
Religion & Gender
Religion in Communist Lands 1973-1991
Religion Online
Religion, State and Society 1992-2006
Review of Biblical Literature
Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion 1999-

Scripture 1946-68
Scripture Bulletin : the Journal of the Catholic Biblical Association of Great Britain 2009-
Scottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology 1983-

Talk (The Mainstream Magazine) 2001-2010
TC: a Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism 1996-
Themelios 1962-
Theological Librarianship 2008-
Theology Today 1958-
Tomorrow’s Evangelism 2011-
Transactions of the Baptist Historical Society 1908-21

Women in Judaism 1997-
Word & Word 1981-2007