Pathways for Study


Full-time Study

Sarum College offers you the opportunity to study full time (35 hours per week) on any of our pathways. Each year will include:

  • 6 modules per year (undergraduate) or 4 modules in year one and 2 modules and the dissertation in year two (postgraduate)
  • 6 to 9 residential weekends
  • 1 residential week
  • 8 hours per week activity in a local context (undergraduate) and extra practice based learning (postgraduate)

Part-time Study

If you have work or other major time commitments, our part-time (17.5 hours per week) programmes will work well for you. Each year this will include:

  • 4 modules per year (undergraduate) or 3 modules per year or the dissertation (postgraduate)
  • 6 residential weekends
  • 1 Spring School
  • 4 hours per week activity in a local context

Practice-based Training

This follows the part time study option, with your four hours per week in a local context increased to 17.5 hours of ministry in a local, but unfamiliar, church context. You will gain first-hand experience of practical areas of ministry and mission, and will be helped to reflect wisely and honestly on them. If possible, you may be employed and paid by the local church; or you may act in a voluntary capacity. You will be supervised by a local training minister, who is given ongoing training in supervision by us.

Rural Ministry

From September 2017, this pathway offers ordination and lay candidates training tailored to the particular challenges and opportunities for ministry in different rural contexts. Learn more about Sarum Ministry’s new rural ministry pathway.

Cost and Pathway Information

Information on the different pathways for ordination training, together with the costs payable by Dioceses and sponsoring denominations, is available by clicking here.

For those considering our courses as private students, please contact us to talk about options and costs.

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