Book of the Month: February 2020

Saying Yes to Life by Ruth Valerio

Ruth Valerio is an extraordinary, entrepreneurial, generative and visionary Christian. She has become widely known for her work at Tearfund as an environmentalist, social activist and theologian. What I particularly appreciated about this book was the way in which thinking and practice are interconnected – joined together at the hip – without any room for negotiating the gap’s to prop up our inertia or complacency.

There is also within these pages and illuminating and life-giving wider horizon as Ruth draws upon her global experience – voices from around the world are held and narrated throughout the pages of these six chapters. If you want a book that will both challenge and change you for lent then this certainly is the one thing you.

Saying yes to life is grounded in the first creation narrative of the book of Genesis. Each chapter picks up a line (let there be light; let the waters be separated; let the land produce vegetation; let there be lights in the sky; let the waters team with living creatures; let the birds fly; let the land produce living creatures and let us make humankind in our image) and through pointers for discussion and questions alongside prayer to enable action and contemplation we move into an exciting arena of how we relate our faith to matters of ethical and social concern.

In this wonderful but also complex and sometimes confusing world of ours we do need a Christian vision that can help us understand who we are and what kind of world this is. This book is imaginative and deeply hopeful as again and again we are brought into focus for how the living and loving God can hold, transform and save us. It is a rich resource and I hope that, alongside this skilled writer, it may bring renewed understanding and through our hearts radical change.

Reviewed by Canon James Woodward, Principle of Sarum College

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