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Religion, Science-fiction, and the Technological Imagination

  • Course Dates: Wed 2 June, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Mary Midgely once wrote, ‘We are accustomed to think of myths as the opposite of science. But in fact they are a central part of it: the part that decides its significance in our lives.’

In this course, Michael Burdett will lead us through an exploration of how the myths in science fiction shape how we think about technology, both positively and negatively. We will consider how this in turn has an impact on our lives in a world marked by rapid technological advances.

We will also explore the questions that science fiction and religion have in common, for instance: what does it mean to be human? Who am I? What does transcendence feel like? How should we think about the future?

The short course will offer a chance to listen to presentations on these topics, as well as to engage in discussion with Michael and ask questions.

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Wed 2 June
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
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Michael Burdett gave up working in the aerospace and robotics industries in California to pursue further graduate work in theology and philosophy at the University of Oxford. He was a researcher at the University of St Andrews, and a research fellow at the University of Oxford, before becoming the Assistant Professor in Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham. His research interests range from theological anthropology and eschatology, through religion and science with a focus on Science and Technology Studies, to Christian ethics political theology and bioethics. He also works in religion and culture with interests in aesthetics and secularisation. He is working on a new book, provisionally titled Death and Glory: Humanism, Transhumanism and Christianity.
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