Writing Essays for Exploring Theology

In practice most students come to Exploring Theology each week in order to share the experience of exploration and reflection without putting anything on paper, but some appreciate the opportunity to take their learning further and do more, are looking for a soft entry into further academic work, or are in need of an educational reference.  Doing essays as part of your Exploring Theology learning allows students to do just that.

If you opt to write the essays, you will receive an Assignments Handbook that details essay options, resources, guidance and marking criteria. Each term, a shorter book review (max 1,000 word) is followed by a longer essay (max 2,000 words).

Student Testimonials:

Doing the written work [for Exploring Theology] enabled me to dig deeper, learn more and undergo degrees of transformation in my thinking and my faith. It’s been revealing, inspiring, transformative.

For this additional £80 per term, you also receive:

  • Membership of Sarum Library for the whole academic year (£30 for others on Exploring Theology).
  • Marginal and summative comments on each essay, and a mark commensurate to first-year undergraduate marking criteria.
  • One-to-one tutorial (30 minutes).
  • Access to essay-writing and study skills sessions
  • A graded Sarum Certificate upon completion of twelve essays, or transcripts of marks upon request.
  • An educational/academic reference, usually following four or more essays.

Contact Jayme Reaves for all essay enquiries