Journals and E-journals

JournalsCurrent journal subscriptions taken by Sarum College Library. Highlighted titles may be viewed electronically by students and other members of Sarum Library.

Login and password details for students are listed on SarumLearn.  External members may view the journals in the library.

In most cases you will be directed to the homepage of the individual journal and can search and view abstracts. You will need a logon and password to view full text of articles. Some journals may only be viewed in the building. (Atla) after a title indicates that it is indexed on the Atla Religion database. Students may access this online – ask library staff for details. The library also holds a large number of ‘closed runs’ of older periodicals. Please ask if you would like to see any of these. For additional titles, check out our list of electronic journals which may be accessed freely as full text.

Anglican Theology Review (Atla)
Art and Christianity

CBA Wessex News
Catholic Herald
Church Music Quarterly
Church of England News
Church Times (Atla)
Cistercian Studies Quarterly
Country Way

Ecclesiology (Atla)
European Anglican
Expository Times (Atla)

Feminist Theology (Atla)
Franciscan (Atla)
Future First

Harvard Business Review

Implicit Religion

Journal of Adult Theological Education (Atla)
Journal of Ecclesiastical History (Atla)
Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus  (Atla)
Journal for the Study of the New Testament (Atla)
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament (Atla)
Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture  (Atla)
Journal of Religion and Popular Culture (Atla)
Journal of Theological Studies (Atla)

Literature and Theology  (Atla)
Louvain Studies (Atla)

Merton Journal
Ministry Today
Modern Believing (Atla)
Modern Theology (Atla)

New Blackfriars (Atla)
NewTestament Studies (Atla)

Pastoral Review
Practical Theology (Atla)

Review of Biblical Literature (Atla)

Sarum Chronicle
Scottish Journal of Theology (Atla)
Sobornost (Atla)
Spirituality (Atla)
Spiritus (Atla)
Studia Liturgica (Atla)
Studies in Christian Ethics  (Atla)
Studies in Spirituality  (Atla)

Theology (Atla)
Third Way

The Way
Weavings (Atla)
Wiltshire Local History Forum
Worship (Atla)