Update on library services

18 March 2020

Message from Jayne Downey, Sarum College Director of Learning Resources.

The library is open as usual and we aim to keep it open as long as possible.  At the moment, you are welcome to come and study in the library if you’re feeling well and you will be quite isolated in the bays.  Everyone is being asked to apply hand santiser before using the library computers (and on first entering the College), desks will be wiped down regularly, and door handles etc throughout the building are the subject of regular cleaning.  Returned books are being quarantined and wiped down before being shelved.

I am continuing to offer a postal service so if you need any books, please let me know.  We only need you to post books back if they have been requested by other borrowers so if you receive an automated reminder, just renew your loans yourself from the library search page or reply to the email and we’ll do it for you.  We will continue to follow UK public health guidance and keep you posted on updates on our service.

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