• 2015 Sarum Lectures

    In light of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, this series will highlight different aspects of medieval history around the time the document was sealed and their resonance for today.
  • St John of the Cross: Prayer as Poetry

    Weekend course with Daniel Muñoz exploring some of the spiritual wisdom of John of the Cross through his poetry and writings. Friday 30 January to Sunday 1 February.
  • The Character of Parish Churches

    Series of six fully illustrated evening lectures examining architectural styles, monuments, stained glass, and other fascinating features of churches across Wessex, Britain and Europe.
  • The Book of Judges: Exploring its Meanings

    Biblical Study Break with Robin Baker exploring the 'problematic book'. Is it ‘preached history’? Indeed, is it history at all? Or was it intended to convey other, more esoteric meanings?
  • New Horizons in Christian Spirituality

    This 48-hour workshop will explore and review new understanding in spirituality and Christian faith and look at how these can be integrated into our daily life and practice.