Hymn for Covid by Lisle Ryder

To God we offer thanks
for medicine and for carers,
for all who’ve kept in touch,
in prayer been burden sharers.
Through all the skills and gifts
by which you set us free
from scourges of disease
may we now thankful be.

2 In grief we still lament
the cost of many losses
in life and work and health,
with bearing all these crosses.
Not destitute of hope
in you our God we trust
as guide through days to come
in new life to adjust.

3 All praise to God of all
with whom we share this planet.
May we be one with them,
respecting every limit.
Each insect, beast or bird
from which disease derives –
we must respect their space
that we and they may thrive.

4 Dear Jesus you’ve been here
through times of isolation,
in us to hold real hope,
restoring motivation.
Then arms outstretched once more,
set free from all regrets,
we’ll open wide the door
to welcome back our guests.

5 We meet again in joy
refreshed upon our journey.
As we move on from here
with Christ who shows us mercy,
there’s much that we can learn
as we survive the test –
in prayer we can discern
how care is best expressed.


Words: Lisle Ryder
Verse 4 with special reference to Holy Rood House
Verse 5 for when we can sing together again
Tune: Nun danket


with thanks to the Revd Lisle Ryder, retired priest and hospital/hospice chaplain who completed his ordination training at Salisbury Theological College in 1969.

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