Centres of Learning

Sarum’s seven Centres of learning offer courses, consultancy, conferences and research opportunities to suit different styles of living and learning.

At Sarum College, our philosophy of education is summarised by our strapline, Learning to Nourish the Human spirit.

We bring together, in respectful conversation, scholars and practitioners from across the Christian churches and beyond. Our mission is fulfilled when our students and guests come away from their time at Sarum College spiritually nourished and vocationally equipped. Our students witness to this spiritual nourishment through lives marked by wisdom and courage. For us, developing wisdom in our students means being able to foster in them the skills of a generous interpreter; one who can hold in tension a variety of viewpoints and perspectives. It means helping students become the kinds of people who explore issues with intellectual and emotional knowledge; who can live with the language of poetry and metaphor as well as science and reason; who are able to allow the stranger to challenge any tentative conclusions; and who can stay both provisional and decided. While becoming wise means our students become conversant in such principals and skills, becoming courageous means that they are emboldened to translate such principles in to transformative action. We encourage the Sarum learning community to apply their wisdom in the world, however that may be — vocational ministry, professional careers, social work, education or political life.

Course formats across the Centres include evening lectures, day and residential courses – all at varying levels, from academic to experiential, intensive to leisurely.