Exploring Theology

Living with the Bible and Belief

‘The Exploring Theology Course is wonderful – inspiring, thought provoking and transformative. A real landmark on my spiritual journey.’

Exploring Theology student, 2019

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This flagship theology course is for anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of and relationship with Christian Scriptures and teachings. Successor to the previously long-running Theology Quest and Questions course, Exploring Theology offers intellectually rigorous, interactive, and accessible learning.

While Exploring Theology is a two-year course, it is designed so that students can join in at any time.  Year A focuses on Exploring the Bible, serving to equip students with knowledge and tools to read and encounter the Scriptures faithfully and fruitfully in their own lives.  Year A is comprised of three terms which provide introductions to both the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the New Testament and then a third term on the various ways in which we read, interpret, understand, and make meaning of the Bible.

Year B focuses on Exploring Christian Belief, which serves to help students see the bigger picture in relation to developments and themes within the Christian tradition.  Year B is also comprised of three terms, focusing on exploring Christian history of belief, modern developments in theological conversations and issues, and then the final term considers the practicalities of living in Christian faith and ethics.

We think it’s a great programme, but here’s what a few participants have said:

‘I loved [this term of Exploring Theology], and can’t wait for the next one. It gave all of the depth and challenge that I’ve been looking for, but I also feel like you dug up a few of the paving slabs of my faith; which is never a bad thing.’

‘The Exploring Theology Course is wonderful – inspiring, thought provoking and transformative. A real landmark on my spiritual journey.’

‘The quality and level of expertise and experience of critical research amongst the lecturers is just so impressive. I felt very privileged to have access to a wealth of interesting and talented people.’

‘I find Exploring Theology intellectually stimulating and spiritually rewarding in that my views of spirituality have broadened considerably.’

– Exploring Theology Students, 2019

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This year we are focusing on the diversity of history, approaches, and understandings found in Christianity. This specific term will explore aspects of living in Christian faith, focusing on lived experience and putting faith into action through practical theology and ethical engagement with others and the world around us.

This term of Exploring Theology will be delivered solely online via Zoom.  Tuesday evening lectures will be streamed live, recorded, and posted online for flexible access.

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Course Details & Schedule

Schedule of sessions for this term of Living in Christian Faith.

All registered students will be given access to SarumLearn, our online learning portal, where a discussion forum will be hosted, recordings and Zoom links shared, and reading/handouts available in advance. Students will be responsible for printing their own reading and handouts, if needed.

At this time, we are only offering registration for Exploring Theology on a termly-basis in order to enrol students into SarumLearn for online access to materials.

The cost of each term is £80, which includes 10 weekly sessions.  If you wish to write an essay to get an educational reference or take your learning further, follow this link for more details. Administration for essays is arranged separately.

After registration and payment, you will be sent details on how to access SarumLearn where all readings will be available as well as links to live and recorded sessions.  Live online sessions will be conducted via Zoom. 

The weekly sessions will run according to the following schedule:

1) Each lecture will be presented on Tuesday evenings online via Zoom.  Lectures will start promptly and will run from 7:00-7:45pm.  We aim for each lecture to last no more than 45 minutes.  The Zoom link for each session will be available on SarumLearn.

2) We will take a break between 7:45pm-8:00pm. The Zoom room will remain live during the break.

3) We will then gather again at 8:00pm for the discussion session.  The format will be as follows:
     — 8:00-8:20pm: Q&A with the tutor based on their pre-recorded lecture
     — 8:20-9:00pm: Immersive Textual Reading & Discussion where we will be reading and discussing the identified primary source text made available before the lecture on SarumLearn.  

This session will be recorded and a link to the video will be posted on Wednesday for those who wish to watch it later.

We will be finished by 9pm. Register for next term here.

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