Sarum Pause for Reflection: The Cross


All of us in different ways admire the creativity of the artist’s life. The picture here is of a small cross which is carved so that it can be held in the hand. Look at it carefully and imagine holding it tight. During my time as a hospital chaplain I sometimes gave a cross like this to those who were struggling with illness and mortality. The cross the stands at the heart of the Christian faith and has been represented in so many different ways.

I remember someone completing a carving of such a cross. It was amazing to see how a rough piece of wood was crafted into a cross. About the carving, my friend said she hadn’t made it – she has discovered what was always there. The cross – God’s love – God’s abiding presence is persistent, real and indestructible in all the ups and downs our lives.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13



The Cross is my sure salvation.

The Cross I ever adore.

The Cross of my Lord is with me.

The Cross is my refuge.

St Thomas Aquinas


Today we think of those who need to be reminded of the reality of love at the heart of all things that especially our human vulnerability, darkness and pain. Remember those many more whom you don’t know by name and ask for God’s abiding love to be discovered and rediscovered in our living and losing.

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