Sarum Pause for Reflection: Seeing


Perhaps these days have offered you an opportunity to see both the world around and the life within differently? This photograph is of the flowerbed at  Sarum College outside the Reception windows. Pausing there and opening my eyes revealed the variety of its life and colour in quite a different way.

Perhaps our ability to see this is in decline? I do not mean the physiological sensitivity of the human eye. What is meant is the spiritual capacity to perceive the visible reality as it truly is.

The world, including its tangible side is unfathomable, mysterious, glorious and ever yielding new beauty and truth. There is abundant wealth in visible reality and as we attend to it our capacity to see can blossom and flourish.

Then again Jesus laid his hands on his eyes; and he looked intently and was restored, and began to see everything clearly. Mark 8:25



God of Creation and Lord of Life

Under a leaf, in a snowflake

In a blade of grass, in a raindrop, in all parts of nature

In your parents’ loving embrace, in the phone call from your grandparents

In working and sharing with others, in helping the unfortunate

Where are you able to find God?

Lord, help me to find you in all ways and walks of life.  Amen.

Jared Kiley St. Xavier High School Ohio



There may be a familiar object or picture in your house. Spend some time with it – look, contemplate and allow it to yield its truth and beauty.

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