Stations of Hope from The Diocese of Bath and Wells

Stations of Hope is based on the idea of Stations of the Cross and Stations of the Resurrection, in it we travel from place to place in the Taunton Archdeaconry in the Diocese of Bath and Wells.  

15 people give a short reflection on what they have let go of, what they miss, what they have found and what they want to hold on to from this time of crisis. Each reflection includes a Bible passage and prayer that has been important to the person.  

The reflections come from around Taunton Archdeaconry, including parishes, a school, hospice, hospital and Hinkley C Power Station. These are just 15 brief takes on life and ministry at the moment. There are hundreds more across the archdeaconry that likewise show people living out their faith at this time, upheld by Scripture and prayer. I hope it will enable us all to reflect and to look forward in hope. You might like to do all the Stations in one go or you might prefer to do one or two at a time.  

Simon Hill, Archdeacon of Taunton

Watch the reflection from The Diocese of Bath and Wells Facebook Page here.

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