God in Lockdown

Hazel Whitehead, a former Trustee of Sarum College writes:

When I was much younger, I used to think about life and wonder where God fitted into it, and what God was saying and thinking. Much later, I was taught to call this natural activity ‘Theological Reflection’ and had to learn and teach different methods and give names to the various stages.

It doesn’t matter whether you have studied the theory and read the academic books or not but my hope is that, by engaging with some of the 50 reflections in God in Lockdown you might catch a glimpse – through the twigs of a nest or in the flight of a goose – of God in Lockdown.

This book is for individuals and small groups and emerged from the Thoughts for the Day written during Lockdown 1. Every reflection is followed by three questions which are starters for ten for further conversation. They can be used in on-line meetings as well as the more traditional face to face groups (assuming they are legal.) With titles such as: Tiny, Happy People; Following the Crowd; Priscilla and Aquila; Ampliatus and who?; Hanging out the Washing; and, Marcus Rashford for PM, there is something for everyone.

I am hoping that students, ordinands and supporters of Sarum College will find it a good resource for ministry and discipleship and, if nothing else encourages you to buy a copy, the recommendation on the back cover from our very own James Woodward should be an incentive.

James Woodward says: In these perplexing days, much of the narrative of Covid 19 has been dominated by science and economics. This generative collection of reflections invites us into a different and deeper kind of seeing that might open up new shapes for our lives and faith.

These 50 reflections are faithful to the tradition, committed to Scripture and attentive to the richness and complexities of human experience. I promise that you will soon find yourselves indebted to Hazel Whitehead for her courage in asking the deeper question and desire for resourcing a faith that can flourish in perplexity.

God in Lockdown is available to order for 5.99 from YPD Books

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