Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

This Centre offers academic, vocational, personal and devotional opportunities to explore spirituality widely, with courses for continuing ministerial development, and intellectual and professional growth and renewal.

Dr Karen O’Donnell is the Centre coordinator and programme leader for the postgraduate study in Christian Spirituality. Dr O’Donnell is a feminist, ecumenical, practical theologian whose interdisciplinary research interests span theology, spirituality, and pedagogy.

Comments from participants on the Introduction to Trauma Theology (online February 2021 and repeated in June 2021) 

‘Karen O’Donnell was superbly prepared; she knows the field and conveys information succinctly yet clearly. Her PP slides were well constructed and not too cluttered. She was able to respond to comments and questions on the chat function smoothly and in ways that added to participants’ knowledge – she built on those comments to teach well.’

‘Sarum courses make me think and leave me wanting to explore more and pondering new insights for life and ministry. The online format works particularly well for me as a disabled person experiencing pain and fatigue, it’s very helpful not to have to travel.’

‘It felt like a safe space – for this I am very grateful to Sarum. At an intellectual level, it was great to explore the reality of body in trauma and how talking therapies for example is not a one size fits all. Many of the questions that had surfaced, I felt I had thought about in my journey but hadn’t found a space where I could ask these.’

Learning Opportunities within the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

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  • Spirituality Courses

    Wed 05

    The Faith Lives of Millennials

    Wed 5 May, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Mon 10

    Art, Belief and Spirituality

    Mon 10 May, 2:00 pm to Thu 13 May, 2:00 pm
    Wed 02

    Sarum Course in Spiritual Direction: Session 5: 2-4 June 2021

    Wed 2 June, 8:00 am to Fri 4 June, 5:00 pm
    Sat 12

    An Introduction to Trauma Theology

    Sat 12 June, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
    Sat 12

    An Introduction to Trauma Theology

    Sat 12 June, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
    Thu 23

    Sarum Course in Spiritual Direction: Session 6: 23-24 September 2021

    Thu 23 September, 8:00 am to Fri 24 September, 5:00 pm
    Mon 04

    Foundations and Forms of Christian Spirituality

    Mon 4 October to Thu 7 October