Sarum Pause for Reflection: Leisure

While the physical buildings of Sarum College have been closed for some weeks, our life and work goes on. We are continuing to teach and support ministry students in their formation. The work of our postgraduate theological study through our MA offer also continues online rather than in the physical space of the College.

Like many others we are keen to put our learning to use. We want to nourish the human spirit and explore what that might mean in these unsettling and rather perplexing times. The Sarum Pause for Reflection framework is simple – a  theme, an image some inspiration from scripture and a short reflection which might lead into some action and prayer. All contained within a few words on a standard A4 sheet which you can download from a link as a pdf to share. We hope that you might want to use them or share them with your friends and colleagues.

Above all we hope that they will support and encourage you in these coming days.


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We undervalue leisure– time off– doing nothing– resting! Recreation, entertainment, amusement and play are all meaningful. They are gifts to us to enable us to be restored. Something does not need to be meaningful because it is immediately useful. Leisure is part of a balanced life within which we can know our proper good, the genuine richness of ourselves and the world around us.  

Leisure helps human beings to flourish – to live the fullest life and celebrate happiness. Sitting by the river, talking to friends, cooking for others, sleeping, contemplation are deeply meaningful and restorative.  

Perhaps one of the fundamental and God given human experiences is the realisation that’s truly uplifting things in life can be obtained if only we accept as free gifts.

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. Genesis 2:2



May we remember today that we are part of an unfolding story 
That calls us to listen to God’s words with intent to action 
May we live in the reality of God’s kingdom entering into our lives 
May we rejoice in the wonder of God’s eternal presence 
May all that we do deepen our awareness of God 
May we see in every moment the spark of holiness 
And recognize Christ in every encounter 
May God’s word burst from the pages of our lives and … 
become the life we live 


Ruth Jewell 


Ensure that you protect some space each day for rest, for contemplation, for silence and leisure. Nurture this space for your flourishing.

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