Congratulations to Augustine – 2020 Theology Slam winner

Well done to Augustine Tanner-Ihm, winner of this year’s Theology Slam. Augustine was a delightful member of the Ventures in Faith programme, created to support and encourage theological learning for young people interested in ministry. The programme was designed by Sarum College and the Diocese of Salisbury with financial support from the Sarum St Michael Educational Charity.

What does theology have to say to our culture’s biggest questions? Theology Slam sees the best young theological minds in the country grappling with some of the biggest issues of our day. In this video, 2020 winner Augustine Tanner-Ihm speaks on theology and race.

Augustine Tanner-Ihm is an African-American currently training for ordination at Durham University. He is particularly interested in Christian justice, reconciliation and missiology. He has served in parishes in inner-city Liverpool, Romford, Rural Dorset, pit villages in County Durham. Sunderland Minster and Newcastle. He is passionate about evangelisation and gifts of the spirit and Eucharist. He has read theology at Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern University, Saint Mellitus College, University of Durham and here at Sarum.

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